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Summations Views on POD, Print on Demand Technology

By Michael Lee Johnson


I used iUniverse Publishers, for my adventure with my book of poetry,  The Lost American:  From Exile to Freedom, by Michael Lee Johnson. 

I started out attempting to contact traditional publishers of chapbooks and small press publishers specializing in poetry, and other non-main street venues.  I soon found out that most were associated with contests once a year to generate funds for the one publication printed per year; or no real interest since poetry as a general rule doesn’t   generate the publisher money.  It appears that self-help books and the occasional novel stand a better traditional chance of selling and making profit.  Since I’m 59, soon to be 60, I didn’t want to invest more time into seeking out the slim hope of finding a traditional publishers, so I looked to POD, “Publishing on demand. “   The key feature of POD, is they print only orders as they have been ordered, when they are ordered.  The wholesale cost is higher than a traditional publisher, but you are not stuck with inventory under your bed.  Prices and services vary greatly from one POD publisher to the next; but most have a format or procedure they follow and most provide a rudimentary distribution process through wholesalers to get your book at least listed with some key players like, Barnes and Noble,, etc.  But with out the author self promoting himself with his own efforts, the book is likely to die on line without sales.  With POD, you must market yourself right from the start if you have any hope of limited sales, especially on your first book as an relatively unknown author.  One could write a book on POD, one key benefit is the author keeps control over his work.  Some POD publishers are Author House, who recently merged with iUniverse, Book Surge.  A more complete list with pricing and comparison of services can be found at:  Overall, POD suited my needs to get established, retain ownership, with a quick, and easy procedures to follow to get the book published and assigned with an ISBN book number which is critical for creditability.   

Written by,

Michael Lee Johnson, Author of:The Lost American:  From Exile to Freedom

EBook also available at iUniverse at:  The ISBN # IS:  0-595-90391-6

Chapbooks can be purchased at:

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